Robbie Basho - Bouquet (CD)

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Robbie Basho - Bouquet (CD)

Almost 40 years since its original release on cassette, Robbie Basho's 13th album is now available for the first time on CD. Remastered from the original master recording (discovered during the production of "Voice of the Eagle: The Enigma of Robbie Basho"), it has never sounded better. The 24-page booklet includes rare photos, images from Basho's illustrated songbook and notes from the original lyric sheet, as well as texts from Glenn Jones, Henry Kaiser and others. Bonus tracks include an epic 13-minute solo version of "Land of Our Fathers". Released with the full approval of Basho's estate.


1. The Golden Medallion
2. Khalil Gibran
3. The White Swallow
4. The Polish Rider
5. El Cid
6. Lightning Thunder
7. Land of Our Fathers (Hopi Hymn)
8. Tears of Teresa
9. Blues from Lebanon
10. The Song of Leila
11. The White Princess
12. The White Swallow [Alternate Version]
13. Omar Khayaam Country
14. Land of Our Fathers (The First Christmas of Creation)

Catalogue Number: LLR001CD